Team Bison Tactical 2017 Team Standings


Final Team Bison Tactical 2017 Team Standings for PRS

Well, the 2017 Precision Rifle Series season is over !  For our inaugural season here are the Team Bison Tactical 2017 Team Standings.

Team Bison Tactical was able to achieve a 13th overall place in the Precision Rifle Series !

With a team of mostly new PRS competitors, we chose to focus during the season in the extremely competitive Open Division of PRS which held 523 of the Nations best shooters.  Scoring a combined rank of 13th was something we are proud to have accomplished.  In 2017, this was largely due to Scott DeCapio’s strong showing.

Here is a link to the overall Team Standings for PRS.

Team Bison Tactical 2017 Team Standings Scott DeCapio

Scott DeCapio our Team Captain came through for us by scoring 31st out of 523 effectively bringing out our combined average.  Here is a link to Scotty’s PRS Shooter profile.  His high finish this year was a 3rd place at the PRS – New Mexico Rifleman’s Challenge where he also got the highest score on one of the most difficult stages.

Kevin Umlauf did the team proud by scoring 212th place from 523 top notch shooters.  Here is a link to Kevin’s PRS shooter profile.  This was not Kevin’s first year of competition, however it was his first year focused on competing in PRS.

Fred Barton came in 224th out of 523 shooters in his first year of PRS competition, keeping his position above the 50 percentile.  2017 was really Fred’s first year of competition other than a couple of small competitions.

Team Bison Tactical has gone through some change in 2017, and will field a strong 2018 team.  Click here to see our 2018 lineup.  We are so far scheduled to shoot over 55 national level matches, with numerous other club level matches.  We hope to see you at a match soon.

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