First Precision Rifle match of 2018

First Precision Rifle match of 2018

Team Bison Tactical has their First Precision Rifle match of 2018 !

I was able to participate in the Jan 6, 2018 Precision Rifle Match in Rifle, CO held at the Rifle Sportsmen’s club along with Scott DeCapio and many other fine shooters !  This was our first competition of the year, and started the year out chilly with temps starting at 16F when the match began around 9am.

Description of the Match

This was my first time shooting this match, and it was a fun match.  I wish it was longer, but they have to close the entire range to run the match so they try to keep it to a half day.  The maximum round count is 40 rounds.  There are 20 targets you can engage.  A first round impact is worth 10 points, and a second round impact is worth 5 points.

Target distances are between 100 – 800 yards.  The targets can be directly level with the shooter, but most are scattered across the face of a large butte.  This makes for some difficulty in finding targets.  It also presents some challenge in keeping your cheek weld since there is some higher angle shooting.

Some of the most challenging targets were 4″x6″ plates at 750+ yards.  I was fortunate to be able to land first round hits on both of the smallest targets.  The wind was very quiet (around 2-5 mph) which certainly helped.

I rode to the match with Kevin Umlauf (2017 Team Bison Tactical member) and Scott DeCapio.  We were lucky enough to place First, Second & Third at the match !

  1. Fred Barton
  2. Scott DeCapio
  3. Kevin Umlau

Both Scott & Kevin still have a higher score on the course than I do from previous matches, but I hope to match or exceed their scores some day.

Contact info

The match director is Shawn Christenson.

His phone number is (970) 309-9772 or you can email him at [email protected].

The schedule for the rest of the year is located at:

Gear Used at the Match

I shot my Bighorn Arms / Zermatt Arms TL3 in a MPA BA Competition folding chassis.  This is my primary competition rifle.  It is chambered in 6mm Dasher by Jonathan Elrod from Modacam Custom Rifles out of Denver, NC.  My Bartlein barrel has a 1:7.25 twist rate to best stabilize the 115gr DTACs by David Tubb.  I was using my Schmidt & Bender 5-20 UltraShort with a Tremor3 reticle which helped when I needed to make a correction after a missed shot.

I switched between two rear bags, since the match was entirely prone.  My Traust rear bag was the one I ended up using the most and which served me best for this match.

One piece of gear I used for the first time at a match was the Steiner M830 LRF 1535nm (8×30) laser rangefinding binoculars (#2681 with Kestrel BT integration).  These binoculars ROCK !  Steiner has loaned me a pair to evaluate and they integrate with my Kestrel 5700 Elite with Applied Ballistics.  I can range a piece of steel, and the target distance shows up on my Kestrel a second or two later!  It made getting the data for my shot much easier.  I also prefer this method to the Sig Kilo method because I can tweak the distance on my Kestrel if I feel like I might have not gotten the correct range on the target based on the terrain.  These binoculars use the 1535nm laser instead of the 905 laser common in most other commercial products like the Terrapin, Sig Kilo, Leica CRF / Geovids etc.  The Vectronix PLRF25 use the 1535nm laser as well, as it does better in many conditions and typically ranges much farther (The Steiner’s range out to 6000m).


I struggled with getting my Lab Radar to work with so many people firing on the line at the same time.  It had been setup to use Doppler as a trigger because I was shooting suppressed before I went to this match, so I couldn’t gain any velocity data from my shot strings.

I had just recently finalized my load, and did that at 9F, so I was worried that my velocity would be higher when temperatures got warmer.  I re-calculated my MV using my Kestrel based on the actual data to hit a far target after a miss and that seemed to do well for me until the end of the match.

The 6mm Dasher performed very well at this match.  All top 3 shooters were shooting 6mm bullets, and they certainly performed well at the distances we were shooting.

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