NOCO Precision Rifle Match at Pawnee

NOCO Precision Rifle Match at Pawnee Jose on our first stage

NOCO Precision Rifle Match at Pawnee My First StageJan 13, 2018 I finally got a chance to get out and shoot the NOCO Precision Rifle Match at Pawnee run by Paul Dunphy at the Pawnee Sportsman Center in Briggsdale, CO.

It was a fun match and I will certainly shoot it again when I have the chance!

Here is a link about the match if you want to sign-up and shoot it yourself [Sign-Up Here ].

It was quite cold when the match began (around 10 F), but warmed up to around 45 F later in the day.  It also happened to be their largest match turnout to date with 36 competitors!  There was a variety of levels of competitors from first timers to seasoned competitors.

Some useful information for competitors:

  1. The stages don’t change very frequently so the more often you shoot the match the more familiar you become and the better you will likely perform
  2. There were pistol stages so bring your pistol
  3. There was a decent variety of props and compromised shooting positions, very few prone shots
  4. Stage times are LONG compared to other matches you might be used to shooting.  If this is your first match, that makes it easy, if you have shot a few matches before, you should never be timing out on any of the stages  Typically you had 1 minute prep time for the stage and 3-4 minutes to shoot the stage
  5. There was a decent mix of target sizes from 1 MOA (rare) to 2 MOA
  6. If you are not used to shooting in the grasslands, you need to be aware that the winds are twitchy, don’t really do what the mirage shows you.  You should be prepared to shoot on a target that has no backstop, and to receive zero feedback on a miss.

Here is a video of one of my squad members (Thad Koszarek) shooting a combination pistol / rifle stage

I shot the NOCO Precision Rifle Match at Pawnee with my .223 Training rifle – its almost an exact duplicate of my competition rifle.  It uses a Bighorn TL3 action (with .223 boltface), Bartlein Barrel, MasterPiece Arms chassis, XTSP (X-Treme Shooting 2 stage) trigger, Hawkins Precision ultralight scope rings and Schmidt & Bender PMII 5-25 scope.

It was certainly a fun match and you may run into Frank Galli from Snipers Hide.  He was at this match recording episode #2 of the brand new podcast “The Everyday Sniper“.  Brian Whalen from Colorado Precision Rifle won the match, and was also interviewed in the podcast.  Brian Whalen teaches the Bison Tactical long range courses which can be found here.

In summary the NOCO Precision Rifle Match at Pawnee is a good practice match and I recommend it to other shooters in the area as good preparation for PRS or NRL competitions.

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