300 Yard Precision Match

300 Yard Precision Field Match

Pueblo West Sportsman’s Association, 300 Yard Precision Match put on by Hoser Freeman is a monthly match in Pueblo Colorado.  I am Fred from Team Bison Tactical, and wanted to give everyone a bit more background on this awesome local Colorado match that is a great introduction into Precision Rifle Series style matches.

I have posted a bit about the 300 Yard Precision Field Match in the past on the Bison Tactical blog, and wanted to post a more complete outline of the match.

This match is now available on Practiscore (Hosers Steel) so you can sign up there.  Here is the link to all of Hosers matches.

The Match name formats are (below are links to the results page)

This match typically runs monthly on the 3rd weekend (Saturday) with the .22 match the following weekend.

There is a morning match which starts at 8am, and an afternoon match which begins at 12 noon.  Sign up for both – the course of fire is typically the same, with Stage 4 being different !

300 Yard Precision Match Scotty



The 300 Yard Precision Match as in the title is all shot at 300 yards, so its great for beginners.  Once you get your rifle sighted in for 300 yards, you never have to touch your turrets so you can just focus on position and wind calls.  There are always 5 targets going from large (far left) to small (far right).

When you sign up for the match, you have an opportunity to choose your squad.  The match is normally shot Squad 1 first, etc.  Your order in the squad also dictates your shooting order.  If your the first on the list in Squad #1, then you shoot first on the prone stage, and will be the first shooter for the entire match.

Like most PRS matches, we rotate the order in which shooters go first, so not single shooter is always shooting first.  So, first shooter on Stage 1 will shoot last on Stage 2, and the second shooter on the squad will shoot first on Stage 2.

Stage 1 Prone

300 Yard Precision Match Pedro
Pedro shooting prone at the .22 match

Stage 1 is typically shot within 30 seconds from prone on the ground.  You are required to shoot the targets from small to large, and have no gear restrictions.

I typically shoot this stage just like I shoot regular prone.  The only difficult part of this stage is just the time.  If you have malfunctions you may time out if your not able to recover adequately.

One other tip that I have for preparing for this stage is that I zero on a 2″ target from AA targets at 300 yards.  Once I know I can hit that target 3 times in a row, my data is good, and I only have to work on position.

Stage 2 Bags

Stage 2 is shot off the bench.  There is a gear restriction on this stage.  You are allowed 1 bag or backpack, but that is all.  No bipods are allowed for support of the rifle.  If your bipod doesn’t detach, no problem, you can leave it on the rifle, but can’t use it for support.

I typically shoot this stage with just a single bag.  I love the Traust Gamer bag for this stage.  It is wide and provides a huge surface area to support the rifle.  I keep my legs wide to make a good base, and brace my hip against the concrete bench while resting my rifle on the top of the Traust bag.

Stage 3 Sticks

300 Yard Precision Match Stan
Stan shooting the sticks stage from a tripod

Stage 3 is shot on the ground with either sticks or a tripod.  This position is required to be sitting or kneeling.  I don’t believe you would be allowed to shoot this prone.  Your allowed a pack, but not a bag for rear support.

I typically shoot this with my tripod.  I currently use a Feisol tripod with a Sunwayfoto XB-52 head.  I can clamp my MPA chassis directly into the dovetail quick release level on the head.  I then use my Arcteryx Assault 30 pack as a rear support.  I shoot this sitting so I get as close to the ground as possible.

Stage 4 Position of the Day

This stage is whatever Hoser or other people can dream up!  It changes with each match, and will usually change between the morning and afternoon matches as well.  This is the stage that will often separate the top performers since its much harder to plan.

There is really no way to plan for this stage except to return to good fundamentals of shooting.  Here are some pictures of a variety of the stages you might face.

Below is a great shot showing the flexibility of the Tactical Udder from Bison Tactical !

300 Yard Precision Match Tactical Udders

300 Yard Precision Match Ladders

300 Yard Precision Match MaryBeth
Marybeth shooting on the barrels

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