Hoier Hustle

Hoier Hustle Nick and Dan

The inaugural match for Black Flag Precision, the Hoier Hustle was held on February 28, 2018.  This awesome match was directed by Nick Hoier hence the name Hoier Hustle, and hosted by Team Black Flag Precision.  It has also been called the Hoier Hu$tle since everyone likes to have a bit of fun at these local matches and the first 3 places pay out some portion of the match fees.  This match is a PRS Club Series match for the Rocky Mountain region and was hosted by Black Flag Precision.

Weather – Low: 18F / High 38F, Winds 9-15mph. Gusts 20-25mph

The match ran very well, and was quite difficult due to the fluctuating winds at Ben Lomond Gun Club in Ramah Colorado.  The course of fire and winds make this match a great PRS training event!

Hoier Hustle Begins

There were a lot of bags provided by several manufacturers for competitors to try out.  Weibad, Bison Tactical Tactical Udder and Traust Gamer bag to name a few.

Hoier Hustle Bags

The course of first started with everyone on the 100 yard line shooting towards the 600 yard berm.  There was a variety of positional stages such as a PRS Barricade skill stage, PRS magazine switch skills stage and a spinner stage.

Hoier Hustle Andy

After shooting at the 100 yard line, everyone moved to the covered shooting position to complete the rest of the match shooting at 400 – 600 yard targets.

One stage I liked was shooting from a rooftop (both support and primary sides), transition to shoot from a barrel, then finish with a position of your choice.

Hoier Hustle Rooftop

Another fun stage was shooting from a cattle gate.  You had to shoot from 5 positions on the cattle gate, and could choose your 5 positions.  Below is Andy Reinhardt from Team Bison Tactical making great use of the MPA Wedge Locks, and his Schmidt & Bender PMII 5-25 scope atop his Bighorn Arms TL3 action and Bartlein barrel.

Hoier Hustle Cattle Gate1

Hoier Hustle Cattle Gate2


The match was a lot of fun.  Ryan Sullivan ran away with the win shooting a 6mm BR, 2nd place went to Andy Hawkins of Team Bison Tactical shooting a 22 BR and 3rd place to Nils Foley.  I finished 4th place, beating out Tyler Faye a brand new shooter based on the PRS Skills stage tie breaker.

Hoier Hustle Scores

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