Indoor Practice Targets – FREE !

Indoor Practice Targets 1

WTF – Indoor Practice Targets?  Yes, dry fire – no live rounds – put them away right now !

Ok, I am trying to get lots of dry fire time since I can’t get to the range as much as I would like.  Reference Nick Depperschmidt’s article on practicing for a good 2018 season !

If you can’t get to matches like the Hoier Hustle, then here are some quick and dirty practice targets I came up with and am happy to share.  I plan to post more on this page as I make them, or they get shared from folks like you!

Click on the picture to display the full hi-res image, then right click and “save as”.  And, yes, indeed the hi-res have no big red numbers, it is supposed to be practice to find the targets.  Look for the landmarks in the pictures below to find them on the ones you download.

Display in your monitor, or print out.  I use a laptop with a very bright display and that works quite well.

Indoor Practice Targets 1

Indoor Practice Targets 2


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