Rocky Mountain Mayhem

Rocky Mountain Mayhem

Match Name: Rocky Mountain Mayhem
Location: North Springs Shooting Range – Price UT
Coordinates: 39.5256° N, 110.9628° W
Match Director: Austin Overman & Clint Adams
Zero Date: April 13, 2018
Match Dates: April 14-15 2018
League: Precision Rifle Series
Weather Min/Max Temp // Precip // Average Wind // Max Wind // Max Gust Speed
– Zero :       [27F / 44F]       //    [ 0 ]    //  [15 mph (NW)] //   [32 mph]  // [47 mph] – Day 1 :      [34F / 60F]       //    [ 0 ]    //  [15 mph (NW)] //   [20 mph]  // [30 mph] – Day 2 :     [34F / 64F]       //    [ 0 ]    //  [6  mph (ESE)] //    [14 mph]  // [ – mph]

Team Bison Tactical was represented by Andy Hawkins (Open #7/117), Claire Davison (Tactical #1) and myself (Open #51/117) for the 2018 Rocky Mountain Mayhem PRS match inaugural event.  Tyler Faye (Open #93/117) from the CU Shooting Sports team was there as well.  Targets ranged from 250-1460 yards and average target size was around 1.5-2.0 MOA.

The published ranges for the targets at the Rocky Mountain Mayhem match were very good.  I used my Steiner M830R 1535nm ranging binoculars to verify the range, and they were all within 1-2 yards of the published numbers.

Zero Day

Rocky Mountain Mayhem Cold

As you can see from the weather above, zero day was WINDY and COLD :-).  We sure didn’t want to stay out very long in those gusts and try to zero.  We found the range, got the match book, verified some velocity and headed to the National 9 hotel in downtown Price UT to get some rest for the next day.  Everyone in the truck Andy Hawkins, Tyler Faye and myself found our velocities were around 30fps slower for some unknown reason…

Match Day 1

Match Day 1 was 12 stages (Stages 1-12) with 115 available points.

Stage 4 – That’s Weird

Rocky Mountain Mayhem Stage 4
Nick Deperschmidt shoots Stage 4 – That’s Weird

My squad started on Stage 4 which was a reverse rooftop.  We had to engage 4 different targets each with 2 rounds in the following sequence “Target 1, Target 2, Target 3, Target 4 and Target 1” for a total of 10 rounds and max of 10 points.  Total time to shoot the stage was 120 seconds.

My score was low on this stage, my position was stable, but I had issues with my impacts being 2-4 10ths low for some reason.  Not sure if it was a cold system or maybe my position, but I didn’t compensate quickly enough, and scored a 1 on the stage.

A lot of people are shooting the stage like Nick above, or even higher on the reverse rooftop putting their tripod leg over the top edge of the rooftop.  It is hard to see, but Nick is using a bag under his arm on top of the tripod leg as well for rear support of the rifle stock.

Stage 7 Tanking Udders (Sponsored by Bison Tactical)

Rocky Mountain Mayhem Tank Traps

Being the sponsor of a stage should mean you clean the stage right?  I guess not 🙂  I scored a 5/8 on this one.  The match director told me later that this stage was one of the higher scoring stages of the match which I was happy to hear.  The COF was “shooter will move to position 1 (tank trap 1) and engage left target, right target, left target, right target with 1 round each.  Shooter will then move to position 2 (tank trap 2) and engage targets in the same order of left, right, left, right with 1 round each.  Udder bag is the only gear allowed.  No bipod attached to gun”  Distances were 300 yards to Target 1, 360 to Target 2.  I dialed for the difference between the two and missed high on the left tank trap.  Likely these misses were due to not having a consistent position.

Stage 6 RRS Hunting Confirmation

Rocky Mountain Mayhem RRS Hunting Confirmation

This fun stage was the Really Right Stuff Hunting Confirmation stage.  The course of fire (COF) was “On the start command shooter will engage the left chicken target with 1 round then 1 round at confirmation plate.  Shooter will then engage the left pig target with 2 rounds then 1 round at confirmation plate.  Engage left turkey with 3 rounds then 1 round at confirmation plate.”  The shooter had to shoot off the provided Really Right Stuff (RRS) tripod, as the piece of required stage gear.  A total of 9 shots available for 9 points total.  Target distances were 200 yards to the Chicken, 610 yards confirmation plate, 305 yards to the pig and 408 yards to the Turkey.

I shot this stage very well, and ended up cleaning the stage for a total of 9 points.  I would have preferred to use the Really Right Stuff tripod without the Vyce and instead directly connect my Masterpiece Arms chassis directly to the RRS dovetail clamp, but I still felt very confident using the provided gear.

Stage 11 PRS Barricade

[videopress bplKEuUz]

Above is a video of Andy Hawkins from Team Bison Tactical shooting the PRS Barricade Skills stage – which was the tie breaker for this match.

Just some of my thoughts on stages like this – it is most important to get hits.  Then next most important to go fast.  I shot this stage pretty well.  I cleaned it in 63 seconds running it with a tripod like Andy is shooting it.  However missing will kill your time, so it’s important to take enough time to hit the target the first time, and just be very comfortable with your equipment.  My Bighorn TL3 is now well broken in, and being able to run your action smoothly while on the clock is a big help in keeping your times fast on stages like this one.  Shooting a low recoiling caliber like the 6mm Dasher with DTACS (High BC bullets from David Tubbs) with a heavy profile Bartlein Barrel makes recoil on positions like barricades very low, which means you move off target less.

Stage 12 Tower Bombs

Long Shot?  This stage was shot off of a mobile tower, with only 1 target at 1460 yards.  The target was across a canyon and got very tricky very quickly during the day !  The course of fire was “Shooter will move to position 1 and engage the target with 5 rounds.  Shooter will then transition up to position 2 and engage the same target with 5 rounds”  Both positions were prone on the tower, with the first position being on the 1st floor, and the second position being on the 2nd floor of the tower.  By far the most difficult aspect of this stage was the distance and wind.  If you got to shoot this stage first when the wind was low, you had a much better chance to score well.  I heard the high score for the match was 9/10 and that was early in the morning when the wind was low.

Match Day 2

Match Day 2 was 8 stages (Stages 13-20) with 85 available points.

Stage 16 Dances with Wolves

[videopress l5tXIKm6]

This stage was a fun stage.  The COF was “move to position 1 and engage target 1, 2 and 3 with 1 round each.  Shooter will transition to position 2 and engage target 1,2,3 with 1 round each. Transition to position 3 and engage target 1, 2 and 3 with 2 rounds each”  Targets were 285 yards, 330 yard and 673 yards.  There was quite the spread between the first and 3rd targets, and the 3rd target was at a higher elevation, which made this a challenging stage.  The stage was only 120 seconds, so there was a lot of movement and people commonly timed out.

Rocky Mountain Mayhem Claire Dances with Wolves

Stage 18 Got to Hit It

This stage was shot from a concrete bench, but at some pretty decent angles.  The COF was “shooter will move into position and engage target 1 until a successful impact is made.  Shooter will then engage target 2 until a successful impact is made.  Shooter will then move to target 3 and engage target with all remaining rounds”.  Target 1 was a circle at 796 yards, Target 2 was a circle at 906 yards, and Target 3 was a square at 1250 yards.  Target 3 was at a steep up angle.  I did pretty well on this on, scoring 6/10 points.  I dropped a few rounds correcting for the first two targets, and after one miss on the far target hit all the remaining rounds!

This stage was made much easier by the clarity of the Schmidt & Bender PMII 5-20 Ultrashort I was running.  Being able to clearly see any misses at 1250 yards made making corrections much easier.

Stage 19 Rooftop, Doghouse

Rocky Mountain Mayhem Andy Rooftop

This was a fairly complex stage.  The course of fire was “On the start command, shooter will move onto the rooftop (nothing touching ground) and engage left target 1 (near black 1 marker) with 2 rounds.  Then engage left target 2 (near red 1 marker) with 2 rounds.  Then engage left target on right arrow (near red 2 marker) with 2 rounds.  Transition to position 2 under the rooftop and repeat shooting order”.

The time allowed was 120 seconds for 12 shots on 6 targets from two different positions.  It was a tight time, and many people timed out going to the bottom position.

When I shot this stage, one of the targets (# 3) had gone down, meaning we had to engage a backup target which was even farther right of the main target array.  This was difficult from the lower positions because of the small hole you were shooting from on the clock.  Most people shot prone on the lower position.

Here is a video of Jake Vibbert from JC Steel shooting the stage:

[videopress qdmYFyvb]

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