2018 South Dakota Steel Classic

2018 South Dakota Steel Classic

Match Name:  South Dakota Steel Classic
Location:  Martinmaas Family Ranch Orient, SD
Coordinates: 44.838708°, -99.147798°
Match Director:  Mike Kane and Onpoint Promotions
Zero Date: May 4, 2018
Match Dates: May 5-6 2018
League: Precision Rifle Series
Weather Min/Max Temp // Precip //    Average Wind   // Max Wind // Max Gust Speed
– Zero :       [42F / 83F]       //     [ T ]    //  [10 mph (WNW)] //   [29 mph]  //  [43 mph] – Day 1 :      [39F / 86F]       //     [ T ]    //  [9 mph (NW)]       //   [24 mph]  //  [30 mph] – Day 2 :     [40F / 84F]       //    [ T ]    //  [6  mph (NW)]      //    [16 mph]  //  [20 mph]

Team Bison Tactical was represented by Scott DeCapio (Open #22/107)Claire Davison (Tactical #5) and myself (Open #19/107) for the 2018 South Dakota Steel Classic Precision Rifle Series match.

The 2018 South Dakota Steel Classic was a fun match!  It was great weather (a bit hot actually), and the location was phenomenal.  This was my first time shooting the match, and Mike Kane did a great job.  This was primarily a field style match with a lot of natural terrain shooting, and a handful of props you might find in farming country.

Stage 02 – X Steel Targets Troop

This stage was very tricky wind for me.  On the 1067 target, I started with 2 MILs, but needed 3.6 MILs to hit !

Stage 01 / Stage 14 – Lone Peak Arms TYL

The course of fire was “any hit you will move on.  After a miss your points will be banked and you must start over at largest target and work towards hitting more targets and bettering your banked score”.

This TYL Rack was at two different distances.  Day 1 started with the TYL rack at 286 yards, and Day 2 the rack was at 790 yards.  I did very well on both TYL racks, cleaning both.  Day 1 was with .3 MIL wind dialed on the scope, and Day 2 .2 MIL wind dialed.  I was very happy my Schmidt & Bender PM II Ultrashort did such a great job making my life easy on these targets !

Stage 03 / Stage 16 – Brotherhood Arms Rock

The course of fire for this stage was “shooter will move to rock and position the rifle on top of the rock and engage targets with two shots each: 1 point per impact”.  There were 5 targets from 468 yards to 890 yards.

The Tactical Udder from Bison Tactical worked Really well here.  The Range Officer commented that I was the only shooter to finish under time so far that day !

Stage 06 – Vortex Optics Fenced In

“Shooter will choose a total of 5 positions bottom to the top or top to bottom engaging the target with two shots from each position.  1 point per impact”.  Target was 12″ square at 426 yards.

I was able to rock this stage scoring a 9/10 using the Really Right Stuff Tripod as a rear support.  Without the tripod in the rear it would have been much harder to get all the hits on this stage.

Stage 23 – Primal Rights South Troop

“First round impact is worth 2 points and shooter will move to next target.  First round miss and shooter much reengage with second shot worth 1 point and then move to next target.”.  Target distances were 526, 728, 888, 1191 and 1240 yards.

This year my Bighorn Action TL3 with the Bartlein barrel in 6mm Dasher has been performing really well.  However without shooting the high BC 115 grain DTACS from David Tubs, I just wouldn’t be able to consistently hit these far targets.  I have been super happy with their performance, and I have to give them credit for getting 9/10 hits on long stages like this.

This match was a lot of fun, and I look forward to shooting it again next year!

If you want to hear about the match, our fellow shooter and podcaster Kirk Young has 2 podcasts about the match over at Precision Rifle Media.  You can listen to them here:

South Dakota Steel Classic Recap Part 1

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