Bolt Action Rifle Parts – Weights

What do my bolt action rifle parts weigh? I want to know since I am building a new light weight bolt action rifle for competition.

I am competing again this year in the Sniper Adventure Challenge where I need to carry a rifle for ~60 miles. I am trying to see how light I can make my rifle. To understand this, I need to know who much each of my bolt action rifle parts weigh. I am going to try to break these down for everyone in case it helps someone else as well.

The Goal is a 7.5lb rifle (including optic) with low recoil. [7.5lbs = 120 oz]

Current Total Weight of parts: [ 82.1 oz | 5.13 lb ] (minus barrel) which leaves 37.9 oz or 2.37 lb for the barrel)

Action (22 oz – unmeasured)

Zermatt Arms Titanium Short Action Receiver

According to the manufacturer this weighs around 22oz

Interestingly enough, the various bolt knobs have a range of weights. The lightest is the Diamond at .48oz while the heaviest is the Tactical at 1.1oz.

Trigger (1.8 oz)

I threw some of the triggers I have on the scale and was surprised with what I found.

All the triggers tested were similar in that they are 2 stage, sealed design and have a top right hand safety.

XTSP Mod 22 Trigger Remington 7003.7 oz

Bix‘n Andy Tac-Sport 2 stage – 2.4 oz

Trigger Tech Diamond 2 stage1.8 oz

Stock/Chassis (25.3oz)

XLR Element 4.0 Magnesium – Factory – 28 oz (non-folder)

MDT HNT26 (Carbon & Magnesium) – Factory 26 oz (non-folder)

My modified XLR Element 4.0 MG is 25.3 oz (non-folder)


I am considering a Bartlein 3B barrel which is a light bull sporter contour. I am not 100% certain of the caliber at this point, so haven’t yet procured the barrel. I am considering a 22BR or 6ARC.

Scope Mount/Rings (4oz – unmeasured)

Hawkins Precision Long Range Hybrid rings, which mount directly to the action.

Optic (29oz)

I run the Leopold Mark 5 HD 3.6-18 since it is first focal plane, has a really nice hold reticle (Tremor3) and has a lot of elevation range (in case I need to dial), and is reasonable light for the magnification range.