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Feisol CRETAC Balllhead (SBH-50)

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The SBH-50 shooting ballhead was designed specifically for use with the Feisol CRETAC Tactical Rifle Tripod, but is compatible with other tripods as well. This ballhead features the innovative CRETAC dual-caliper lock design, utilizing one lock for the ball head sphere and a second lock for the ball base to provide even great stability and load capacity.

Height: 4.13 inches
Weight: 1.23 pounds
Ball Diameter: 50mm/1.97 inches
Base Diameter: 70mm/2.8 inches
Max Load: 41 pounds
Thread Size: 3/8 inch

The CRETAC shooting ball head is manufactured using top quality CNC machining processes to ensure consistency from product to product and help you ensure consistency from shot to shot.

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