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J. Dewey Coated Cleaning Rod

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The cleaning rods by J. Dewey are constructed from nylon-coated steel to ensure durability without sacrificing wear and tear on the bore of your firearms. The nylon coating on the rod is the thickest in the industry, often imitated yet never successfully replicated, and ensures that the rod will not damage your rifle while providing less friction as the rod makes its way down the barrel. The ball bearing construction in the handle allows the handle to rotate completely independently from the rod itself with minimal friction, allowing the cleaning rod to rotate as needed due to the rifling in the barrel. The one-piece construction of these rods further ensures that no small edges or grooves in the rod can scratch or otherwise damage your bore.

These cleaning rods come in a clear plastic tube with a hangar loop on the top for easy transport and storage, as well as shipping out together with an appropriately sized brass jag. Available in either .22 or .30 caliber with a total rod length of 44 inches, to ensure compatibility even with rifle barrels longer than 30".

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