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Applied Ballistics for Long Range Shooting 3rd Edition

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3rd Edition -- Absolutely THE Best book for the layman on External Ballistics available today!

For the rifleman interested in making long range precise shots at least a cursory understanding of the science of external ballistics is REQUIRED. Bryan Litz takes an extremely complicated subject and renders it entirely understandable by anyone who can reload their own ammunition.  The writing style is clear and concise and very easy to read.  This book is a "Must Have" for any shooter interested in making shots longer that 100 M, or making accurate and precise shots at 100 M.

Of all the books I have read on shooting, this book takes the #1 position on my list.

Included with the book are a couple of phenomenal extras:
  • Over 236 experimentally measured (read validated) Ballistic Coefficients (BC's) - for many common bullets.  This data is extremely useful as it covers a wide range of bullets manufactured by different vendors.
  • Point Mass Solver (version 2.0) - a ballistics solver that allows you to create your own projections for data you input about your own cartridges and equipment.