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Forster CO-AX Reloading Press

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Simply the BEST press on the market today.

This is the B5 updated Forster CO-AX Reloading Press.  This press is accurate, durable and easy to use. It provides enough leverage to operate one handed, while using clever engineering principals to keep your cartridge centered ensuring correct seating and eliminating the press as a cause of problems.  When used with good dies (like Forster dies) you are assured of concentric cases.

The Forster CO-AX Reloading Press leaves the case free floating, and includes a primer seating tool that eliminates the potential of mis-priming your case.


Read more below:

Co-Ax® Reloading Press Instructions 
Co-Ax® Press Mounting Template (PDF)


Watch this video from Forster about the co-ax:

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