Kestrel Elite Weather Meter with Applied Ballistics and LiNK

Kestrel Elite Weather Meter with Applied Ballistics and LiNK

If you’re looking to get the best read on your target and the variable conditions to help calculate the perfect shot, check out the Kestrel Elite 5700 Weather Meter with Applied Ballistics and LiNK.

This smart handheld weather meter is the latest in the Kestrel series that offers a screen with greater resolution and a higher contrast display that helps improve the readability in both bright and dim lighting conditions. The Elite model also is designed with field use in mind, featuring drop-proof, dust-proof and waterproof construction, making it reliable to use in wet, dry, dusty or any other weather conditions.

Kestrel also includes the Applied Ballistics ballistic solver and wireless connectivity via low-energy Bluetooth in the Elite 5700 model, allowing it to connect seamlessly to your mobile devices, computers or LiNK-compatible laser rangefinders. Get the most accurate shot possible by ordering the Kestrel Elite 5700 Weather Meter with Applied Ballistics and LiNK from Bison Tactical today!

  • Weight: 4.3 oz. (including battery)

  • Material: Polymer

  • Operating Temperature Range  14 F - 131 F

  • 5" L x 1.9" W x 1.1" H

  • Choice of solution units (Mils, true MOA, Shooter’s MOA, or clicks)

  • 5-Year warranty

see the manufacturers homepage for more details here

Ranger Green
Coyote Tan
Blaze Orange

Customer Reviews

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Great product and excellent customer service!

The follow-up calls from Fred, at Bison Tactical were the best and most useful part of buying from Bison Tactical. Fred took the time to explain many aspects of long distance shooting, scopes, shooting platforms and use of the Kestrel that I did not fully understand. I got more good, useful and accurate information from those 2 phone calls than from over a year of asking questions at my local sporting/hunting/gun stores. Definitely an excellent resource!
Thanks for the follow-up and answering all of my questions and explaining things in a very logical manner.

Best deal!

Hands down the best money spent on a kestrel so far! Fast shipping and great service.


Great product and excellent customer service. Top notch customer service. From Fred. Don’t hesitate to purchase from Bison Tacticl

Great Service

Fred's service is fantastic. I shot him an email with an idea of what I was looking for in a Kestrel. He quickly responded that he wanted to make a recommendation over the phone. He was very understanding with a newb to the Kestrel part of the long range game. Would definitely recommend Bison Tactical to others.

Buy Your Kestrel from Bison

Bison is the only place anyone should purchase a Kestrel from. Trade in programs, great prices, fast shipping. I took up a bunch of Fred's time asking all kinds of questions. He didn't even hang up on me. Great customer service. I'll be back.