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Custom Coating Deposit

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We offer coating services for a variety of items.  Our Cerakoted Atlas Bipods have become very popular in the long range precision shooting community.  

We offer several different coating options:

DLC (Diamond Like Carbon) - very hard surface and very thin.  Perfect for tight tolerance needs like threads or inside actions and on rifle bolts.  Provides limited corrosion protection, but holds lubricant.

Cerakote - a thicker coating than DLC which is thermally cured and is hard but fairly brittle.  Very well know and good for parts that are non-moving.  For example great for the outside of actions, or barrels, and on bipods.  Provides great corrosion resistance.

Teflon-S - a coating which includes PFTE and has built in lubricity - often used for bolt carrier groups on AR's so they can be run dry in very harsh dusty environments.  Works very well for parts in constant movement.  Is also thermally cured and thicker than DLC - with approximately the same thickness as Cerakote.  Provides great corrosion resistance, and does not chip, crack nor flake.

Some examples of things that can be coated are:


  • Bolt Action rifles such as Desert Tech and Accuracy International
  • Semi-Auto rifles such as AR15's and M1A's
  • Pistols like HK VP9 or Glock 19
  • Barrels for rifles
  • Carbon Fiber Tripods


Some example costs:


  • $110 26" Barrel in solid color Cerakote
  • $300 Desert Tech Rifle in sold color Cerakote
  • $700 Accuracy International in Multi-Cam Cerakote
  • $400 AR15 in a single color Teflon-S
  • $200 Mausingfield Bolt coated in DLC


To get started simply place an deposit order for the product "Custom Coating".  When placing the order, use the note field to include a short description of the job, and we will give you a call to get the details and to provide our shipping information.


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