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Desert Tech SRS-A1 Conversion Kits

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The Desert Tech conversion kits are 100% complete kits to change the caliber of your Desert Tech rifle.

In the Box

Each kit comes with a barrel, magazine, and correct bolt for whichever caliber you choose. Certain calibers have more than one option for barrel length. The DT SRS-A1 (Stealth Recon Scout) family of rifles is the staple of the Desert Tech products. If you have an SRS-A1 Covert Chassis, you can use the conversion kits for both the SRS-A1 and the SRS-A1 Covert.

The only difference is the SRS-A1 conversion kits have longer barrels to clear the hand guard on the SRS-A1 chassis. Also note that the HTI (Hard Target Interdiction) calibers cannot be used in either the SRS-A1 or SRS-A1 Covert. This is because the HTI is made for the larger than normal calibers. All calibers and length combinations are available in both left and right hand configurations except for the HTI models.

The calibers and barrel lengths available are as follows.

Available calibers

SRS-A1:  22" or 26" .308 Win | 26" .260 Rem | 26" 6.5 CM | 26" 6.5x47 Lapua | 26" .300 Win Mag | 26" 7mm WSM | and 26" .338 LM

SRS-A1 Covert: 16" .308 Win | 18" .300 Win Mag | and 18" .338 LM

HTI: 29" .375 CT | 29" .408 CT | 29" .416 BAR | and 29" .50 BMG

MDR: 16" 300 BLK | 16" 5.56x45mm | and 16" 7.62x51mm