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Feisol Carbon Fiber Shooting Tripod

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Set up a more stable shot with Feisol’s Carbon Fiber Shooting Tripod (CT-3342), available today from Bison Tactical.

Offering an incredibly lightweight and reliable shooting platform, this carbon fiber shooting tripod works perfectly whether you’re shooting at targets or lining up your hunting shots. This tripod is the ideal solution for building a stable shooting positon that will allow you to make perfect shots through brush or thick grasses. The Feisol CT-3342 features a CNC-milled 7075 billet aluminum frame construction that has been hard-coat anodized.


Feisol makes two tournament style tripods. The model we sell and believe in is the CT-3342, which is a 3-section tripod. The alternative tripod is the CT-3442 and has 4-section legs. The CT-3342 is an all around better tripod for shooting purposes.  This is because the 3-section legs have a larger diameter on smallest section. Having a larger diameter section in contact with the ground provides better stability and makes it easier to shoot from.  Also, in competitive shooting there is one less twist lock per leg, which will save you time on the clock so you can get more hits on target.

Combine the Feisol Carbon Fiber Tripod with the Feisol Ball Head or Feisol Leveling Base for the ultimate package in stable shooting.


Each leg also boasts Feisol’s high-strength twist locks and rapid anti-leg rotation technology, meaning you can secure your carbon fiber shooting tripod in any position and ensure stability as you line up the perfect shot. Plus, with three leg deployment angles – 25, 50 and 75 degrees – you can find a stable position in nearly any terrain.

Weighing in at a mere 2.47 pounds, you’ll never tire from bringing this with you in the field, but you will get a stable shooting platform you can trust!


Max. Height Max. Extended Height Folded Length Min. Height Weight Weight Incl. Center Column Max. Load Max. Leg Tube Diameter
cm inch cm inch cm inch cm inch kg lb kg lb kg lb mm inch
143 55.90 187 73.20 59 23.20 20 7.90 1.12 2.47 1.40 3 25 55 28 1.10

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