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Feisol Elite Tripod CT-3372 Rapid

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The Feisol Elite Tripod CT-3372 is the top of the line tripod made by Feisol. It is extremely light weight at only 3.92 lbs but also very durable. This is made possible because it is constructed from top quality carbon fiber and high grade, CNC-milled 6061 T6 solid block aluminum. 


The load capacity for the Feisol CT-3372 is a remarkable 66 lbs. This gives the shooter maximum stability, when making a hit matters the most. For all you tall shooters, the maximum height is 58.66 inches, but can go taller with the addition of a center column accessory. The Feisol Elite Tripod has preset leg angles of 25, 50, and 75 degrees. This comes in handy if you need to shoot from the high prone position or in difficult terrain. The legs lock into place via a twist lock mechanism that is both fast and easy to use. The Feisol Elite Tripod CT-3372 comes with a carrying bag for protection and convenience. We highly recommend the 3 leg version of this tripod designated as CT-3372 over the 4 leg version (CT-3472). The Feisol Elite Tripod CT-3372 is cheaper and more stable than the CT-3472 because it only has 3 leg sections. This also makes its quicker to deploy, since there are 3 less twist locks to tighten.

Recommended Accessories

Feisol also makes some of the best ball heads and leveling bases on the market. For maximum inclination adjustments that would be used for high angle shooting we recommend the Feisol CB-50DC ball head. This ball head is extremely smooth and has a load capacity of 41 lbs. This allows the ball head to lock up tight and stay solid through the recoil pulse.

If you do most of your shooting on a flat or "square" shooting range, we recommend the Feisol LB-7572 Leveling Base. The leveling base will have 30 degrees of inclination in all directions and much more compact.

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