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FEISOL LB-7572 Leveling Base

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The FEISOL LB-7572 Leveling Base provides up to 30° of adjustment to a FEISOL Elite CT-3372/3472 tripod. The base allows you to level the mounting platform of your tripod without having to make minute adjustments with the legs, and only adds 1.2" to the height of your tripod. You can quickly exchange your tripod's standard mounting plate for the leveling base. The leveling base provides a 3.1" mounting platform with a 3/8" mounting screw. Featuring an integrated bubble level for accuracy, the base is machined from solid aluminum alloy and anodized for corrosion and wear resistance.

Instantly generates a level platform for any Ballhead or Panning Base. Can be interchanged with the standard Mounting Plate in seconds. Exclusively for FEISOL Elite tripods CT-3372 and CT-3472. Note: The LB-7572 cannot be used with the models CT-3372LV and CT-3472LV.

Features Include: 
- Integrated bubble level
- Inclines up to 30 degrees in all directions
- FEISOL superior-quality design and operation
- Constructed of CNC-machined solid-block Aluminum
- Weight: 0.93 lb (420g)
- Mounting diameter: 3.1" (80mm) with 3/8" screw
- Height (above Tripod Mount): 1.2" (30mm)

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