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Feisol Quick Release Clamp

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The Feisol Quick Release Clamp (QRC-50) is the same quick release plate that is available on the Feisol ball heads. The benefit of having this part separate from the ball head is that it now allows you to attach a Hog Saddle, spotting scope, or laser range finder to the Feisol Leveling Base or Feisol Panning Base.


Attaching the Feisol QRC-50 to a leveling or panning base makes for a very low profile and stable option to shoot from. When used in conjunction with a leveling base, it will securely hold the rifle, yet still allow for 30 degrees of inclination in all directions. If you need more than 30 degrees of inclination for high angle shooting, a Hog or Pig Saddle will allow you to clamp your rifle at an even greater angle.


The Feisol Quick Release Clamp attaches to any 3/8" or 1/4" screw commonly found on tripods and monopods. It can also be used on any device that does not currently have a quick release mechanism. The Feisol Quick Release Clamp (QRC-50) is an Arca-Swiss style clamp and does not come with a Feisol Quick Release Plate for attaching accessories.

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