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Forster Bushing Bump Neck Sizing Die Kit

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We offer the Forster Bushing Bump Neck Sizing Die in a unique kit that comes with the tools you need to accomplish a few things. This kit not only helps with the neck and shoulder sizing process, but it also makes decapping spent primers simple and easy. You can expect quite a few features when you take advantage of this kit, including one-step bushing reduction. Because there are almost a hundred bushings available, you can ensure your case necks are correctly and precisely sized. In fact, this kit is all about giving you the tools to fully custom size all of your cases.

If you don’t need to change the neck diameter, you can even use the Forster Bushing Bump Neck Sizing Die to bump only the shoulder of the case and nothing else. This just one of the many benefits you can expect when using this kit. Place your order today or contact us if you have any questions!

Each kit comes with the 3 most common size bushings likely needed for your caliber.  These bushings are extremely smooth and since they go through a special cryogenic treatment process there is no coating to wear out like other bushings.

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