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HRD Gear 6mm Magazine kit

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These magazine kits replace the follower and spring in your existing magazine which are typically designed around a .308 family of rifle cartridges.

HRD Gear is a small company based out of Colorado, and we are happy to be one of the official dealers for HRD Gear.

Available in the following 10 round Short Action magazines:

  • AW / AX Magazines

These kits were created to improve running the much smaller 6mm BR family of cartridges in our competition rifles.  While other kits require modifications to your existing follower (spacer kits) these kits come with:

  • Replacement Follower
  • Replacement Flat spring (similar to the existing spring)
  • Spacer that is press fit into the rear of the magazine
AW / AX part numbers 0726 and 6677


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