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JP Enterprises Accessory Tactical Rail - 2" (w/o Backer Plate)

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Part Number: JPTR-SRC
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JP Enterprises is known for making the most reliable and accurate AR platform rifles on the market today. This is also seen in their accessory products to enhance the fit and function of AR rifles made by other manufacturers. The JP Accessory Tactical Rail- 2" (w/o Backer Plate) is designed to attach to the JP Rapid Configuration hand guard tubes. 

If you are using a JP Modular Hand guard you will need the JPTR-S accessory rail which comes with a backer plate for attachment. These rail mounts are intended to be used on JP Enterprises Hand guards, but can also be used to provide a rail interface on most other free float tubes.

For a low-profile gas block that is intended to fit under the JP Enterprises hand guards, check out the JP Adjustable Gas System (.750 bore).

In The Package

  • One (1), Two-inch rail piece
  • Two (2), 10-32x1/2" flat socket cap screws

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