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The SOTIC rifle is a melding of premium components into a rifle with a singular mission: long range engagements.

The rifle features a 3-lug action that gives the shooter a short and smooth bolt throw, giving minimal position disruption from shot to shot. Barrels are premium match grade made by Krieger, allow for ultimate precision. 

The chassis is a special version of KRG's Whiskey-3, in the very latest 6th Generation, it has tool-less adjustments and the easy ergonomics for any shooter The trigger is 2-stage, smooth and sweet. Of course it is multi-adjustable so you can set it how you like it. Muzzle is threaded 5/8-24. 

Caliber - 6.5 Creedmoor, 22" barrel with a 1:8 twist.
Weight - Fixed: Approx 9.5 lbs / Folding: Approx 9.9 lbs

A lot of work and thought that goes into every rifle. It costs much more to make than most every rifle on the market sells for retail. It was never meant to be economical, it was meant to be a US built improvement on an AI or TRG. Try one out yourself and see! 

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