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Long's Shadow Kestrel Carrier

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Long's Shadow Holsters is providing precision rifle shooters with the best Kydex holsters for their Kestrel brand weather meters and ballistic solvers. These Long's Shadow Kestrel Carriers feature repeatable, positive retention and are adjustable so you can choose the perfect tactile response.  The Kestrel can be inserted into the the holster in several orientations to keep your options open.

The Kestrel meter holsters are made from 0.93” Kydex, some of the thickest in the industry. This ensures increased durability and allows Long's Shadow to offer a Limited Lifetime Warranty.

All Long's Shadow Kestrel Carriers come fitted with the most popular attachment method, CompTac PLM which features a push button release and has an adjustment range from .25" - 2.25", and can be run vertically or horizontally.

Additional glass filled nylon attachment systems available:

  • Molle-Lok - spring loaded molle mount which is reusable and fail safe.
  • SpeedEase Clips - 1.5" fast non belt weave attachment keeps holster close to your body

The offset from most attachments keeps body heat away from the sensor and thus limits the chances of false environmental readings.

The Hypalon positive retention strap is removable and the retention of the holster is adjustable to keep the Kestrel secure even without the retention strap.

The Long's Shadow Kestrel Carrier has a removable attachment system so you can change the attachment method depending on the needs of your mission. 


Molle-Lok In Stock.