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MagnetoSpeed Sporter

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Part Number: MS-Sporter
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<body> <h2>MagnetoSpeed Sporter - the new version of the MagnetoSpeed V1</h2> <h3>Get one of the best deals on the Sporter !</h3> <h4>The brand of ballistic Chronograph everyone knows and loves is finally replacing the venerable MagnetoSpeed V1 with the new Sporter model.</h4> <h4>This is the lower priced version of the industry changing groundbreaking MagnetoSpeed Ballistic Chronograph.</h4> <h4>If you need a Shooting Chronograph, but don't shoot suppressed, full auto or have the need for the more expensive V3 - the Sporter may just be the ballistic chronograph for you - at MSRP of $200 less than the V3 !</h4> </body>

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