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Nanuk 995 Rifle Case

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We offer the Plasticase Nanuk 995, a high-quality carrying case this is ideal for transporting long rifles, precision AR's and other types of tactical gear. The 995 model has exterior dimensions of 55.1” x 17.3” x 6.6”, and it weighs 21.6 pounds. Although this case may seem large and heavy, it is easy to pick up and carry due to its soft grip handles. This case also comes with a variety of additional features including an integrated bezel system and lid stay, a powerclaw latching system, and even a stainless steel and waterproof exterior. The Plasticase Nanuk 995 also is made from impact resistant NK-7 resin, and it has a lifetime satisfaction guarantee.

Comes with 4 piece foam set !  Custom foam is available - please call for more info 307-920-1183.

Lifetime manufacturers warranty !

Don’t go another day without taking advantage of the Plasticase Nanuk 995. Order yours today, and remember to give us a call if you have any questions for a member of the Bison Tactical team!

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