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Getting fours shoots in one hole and fifth one flew. I blame myself. Nice bag. I am using it as rear bag for now.

Udder bag is....

The Udder Bag has now become my go to bag for any sort of bag assisted positional shooting! It is an incredibly versatile tool that is helpful and stable for shooting off all sorts of obstacles and in all kinds of shooting positions. I have found it to be more stable than many of its competitors and is absolutely bomb proof in its construction. What can I say? The bag is udderly awesome ;)

FDE Atlas Bi-pod

Awesome product great customer service.

Stability when resting on narrow objects

Shooting a local PRS match a few weeks back an experienced competitor had a AD/ND as his game changer bag slid off the side of a tank trap. The bullet impacted 20ft out and between our and the next stage over. I was up next and another shooter offered up his tactical udder to try out. I shot with it and it was as solid as a game changer, but didn’t have the tendency to slide off on a narrow object. You know how the rest goes, I ordered it and now take it to
matches with me. In time it may replace my game changer.

Great product and customer service!

My item was backordered, but they filled it ASAP and sent it out. I even received a phone call thanking me for being patient.

V2 Tactical udder bag

Fantastic bag, has the right amount of fill to provide a stable platform on a variety of obstacles.

THE go to D.O.P.E. Card holder

The Sidewinder dope card holders are great. I have them on 5 of my rifles and it has become a necessity. Easy to cut up some scrap paper or note cards to fit and have plenty of spares. Or get the Bison Tactical Storm Proof cards and never worry about running out again!

Bison Tactical is my go to shop as well. Great company and great service. Fred is always willing to answer any questions and help make sure I get the right gear at great prices.

Thanks again!

Leica 2000B

Awesome range finder and even more awesome company! Highly recommend for any of your long range needs!

Finally!!! Awesome Kestrel holster

I had been searching for a Kestrel holster I could run on my belt for quite some time. Not a lot of options out there (even custom) until the Long’s Shadow Kestrel Holster came out. I ordered one up as soon as they were available and I have had it out to the range a couple times already. The retention is just right and I didn’t have to make any adjustments, firm hold but easy in and out. The strap is very durable and I’m confident it will last for years. The button snap is a bit tight and can be difficult to fully latch when new, but I suspect it will wear in and work well after a break in period. I look forward to utilizing this in my next PRS match and having my Kestrel in a much more accessible location (won’t have to dig it out of my bag at every stage anymore!!!).

As always Bison Tactical was great to work with and shipped everything out fast. Buy with confidence and don’t be afraid to call and talk to Fred if you have any questions.

Thanks again Fred, always a pleasure working with you!

Lapua Brass

Thank u

Lapua Brass

Lapua Brass

Best crono out there

Awesome product! Had the Sporter model but needed a bit more functionality so it was a no brained to go up to the V3. Great service and fast delivery. Buy from Bison Tactical with confidence! Thanks Fred

Spot On

As always .. great product, great price , fast shipping

Hands down the best bag

If I could only choose a single bag for range and competition use...this would be it % of the time. Love it as a rear bag as well as on barricades. It will truly go where no other bag has gone before. Can’t eait to snag my V2 naked Tactical Udder!!!! Best shop to deal with also

Absolute must have!

This bag is indispensable when it comes to positional shooting. It will decrease the crosshair “wobble” significantly and help keep you on target to spot misses. Additionally, after using this bag on trees, tank traps, barricades, cattle guards, and chairs I can attest that this bag will adapt to nearly any fixture a match director can think of. Plus you support a great local business... worth every penny!

Most Versatile bag I have ever found.

I admittedly used to carry to many bags and this bag has cured that. It can be used for a rear bag depending on how low or high you use it. It turns almost any barricade/prop (tires, fence posts, tank traps, tposts, prs skills stage, you name it) into a shooting bench with sand bag. its incredibly easy to place and ride. furthermore the weight and provided straps can be cinched to your rifle and add 6.5 lbs of recoil help. seriously cant say enough about this bag. A must have!

Tactical Udder Field Bag
Simply Awesome!

I've never come across a bag design that can basically fill every possible niche! This thing is amazing! It will take me years to come up with every possible way this thing can assist all my varied shooting positions. Buy it.... $300 would be a good deal in my opinion!!

Python D.O.P.E. holder

Great product. Customer service from Bison Tactical is superb!

Great die!!

Awsome dies at a great price , wish i would have tried them before now !! Super fast shipping

34mm RH Accuracy 1st Scope Level

My order was shipped and arrived quickly and accurately. The followup phone call was a very nice touch and added value towards the tritium vial I intend to add. Thanks! 5/5 will recommend and will do business with Bison again

Berger freedom nuggets

They just go down so smoothly , just like ordering gear from bison tactical

Great Service

Fred's service is fantastic. I shot him an email with an idea of what I was looking for in a Kestrel. He quickly responded that he wanted to make a recommendation over the phone. He was very understanding with a newb to the Kestrel part of the long range game. Would definitely recommend Bison Tactical to others.

Atlas FDE bipod

My wife bought me this for my birthday. I absolutely love it. The bipod is strong and sturdy. The FDE is a spot on match to the Magpul FDE color. I would definitely recommend this bipod and I will definitely do business with Bison Tacticle again. My wife said they're customer service was awesome!

Sidewinder is perfect for it's intended purpose

If it's in stock just buy it now. I picked one up before my first match a few weeks ago based on another shooter's recommendation. First, you can get on target with one eye looking through the scope and then check level / DOPE with the other before taking the shot. One tip is to set up the height of the DOPE card a little below your parallax adjustment so that the card doesn't interfere with your line of sight. If you're not using it you can just push it flush up against your receiver where it's out of the way and it stays affixed no matter what. Great product and well worth the cost.

B&T Industries Picatinny QD mount.

Excellent customer service. Fred called me to discuss product and options. B&T mount worked as described. Used it to attach rifle to Fiesol tripod ball head. (Make sure you get a Fiesol QD plate w/ the B&T mount. You need the QD plate to attach the B&T mount to the Fiesol ball head. Fast shipping. Will definitely buy from Bison Tactical again!!

Excellent scope level

Pro: Excellent construction & design, finally in left-handed orientation! Always a pleasure dealing with Bison Tactical. Con: Sits a bit low to see over the Vortex Razor HD gen 2 turret, too bad the civilian version doesn't have the tritium insert.

Python Sidwinder

Really like to Python's portability, visibility and quality. I'm able to keep my head in position vs. looking at an arm board or tape on my wrist. Really enjoyed the customer service from Bison Tactical...the phone call was top notch!

PSR Atlas Bipod

I ordered on line and promptly received a call from Frederick at Bison to acknowledge my order. Then, in just a few days I received my PSR Atlas Bipod. It is an excellent bipod! I have a large number of long range shooters ... and this PSR Atlas Bipod is one of the best support systems I have used! It is expensive, however, it is worth that cost! I recommend it to anyone who is a serious shooter that wants reliable, functional equipment! I will be ordering more of them for some of my other shooters.

Simple and effective

The Feisol Quick Release Plate is a simple, straight forward product that does its job for 3x less than the competitors QR Plate. I use mine to attach to a binocular harness to tripod head. Works well and a great value!

Dope card manager; Python Sidewinder

Excellent portable piece of equipment. Used it in a precision rifle match at Whittington Center . Improved my score by improving my time; staying on the rifle and just looking up and dialing dope. Can move it around different rifles different locations on the rifle. Wind Proof! which is a big help in New Mexico. Shot in 35 mile an hour wind. Imagine that in New Mexico..... Price is excellent, only other competitor I saw on line was $185 for a machined part... I bought 3 they were such a bargain. And they offered all the cards precut. Waterproof. I bought everything.....no regrets!!! Dr Z

No more searching for a tripod, it has been found!

First off, working with Frederick at Bison Tactical was a great experience and will be go back to them for more needs in the future as their service is nothing short of First Class!

The Feisol 3372 is the ultimate value tripod! I used this the last two weekends at competitions and even will make sure this is apart of my kit for every match from here on out! My first match I with it I did not need to use the tripod with my rifle but had it with me to mount my Leica LRF binos on top. From full standing I was able to watch trace and impacts because of the stability of the legs. I have a smaller competitor carbon fiber tripod that in order to use with effectiveness I need to make sure I am sitting when using it, otherwise there is so much shake in the legs that it makes it hard to see things down range.

This last weekend I used the tripod not only for spotting targets and ranging them effectively under time but also with my rifle as an elevated firing position. Several of the guys in my squad were amazed how light the legs were when they picked it up, especially when you see how beefy the legs look on it. But the balance of beefiness, coupled with the reduced weight made it easy to use on stages when having to move from position to position under time. I almost felt like I was cheating with how stable the tripod was with my rifle mounted to it, there were several stages that I did not miss a single target when using the Feisol simply because it was so stable I could have just got the rifle on target and then stupid and pulled the trigger, amazing!

I will be selling another tripod that I was using for my shooting needs and sticking with my Feisol 3372!

The best service in the industry!

I did not expect personal service, only an exellent product. I recieved both. Bison is on top of everything and will continue to get my business and my referrals. You are the best.Thank you.

5 star

Atlas Bipod Quick Release

Buy Your Kestrel from Bison

Bison is the only place anyone should purchase a Kestrel from. Trade in programs, great prices, fast shipping. I took up a bunch of Fred's time asking all kinds of questions. He didn't even hang up on me. Great customer service. I'll be back.

Kestrel 5700 Elite

Had the item in stock and got it shipped to me quickly. Called to verify order. Very professional, I will order from them again.


Very rugged easy to use bipod. I really like the color, simplicity, and solid mounting system. Ordering was fast and friendly. I will probably buy more of their products. My friends are impressed as well.

Quality ball head

I've been using this ball head with the Feisol CT-3342 tripod for a few weeks now and I'm very impressed. I've mainly had a vortex razor hd 85mm spotter on it and it is very smooth and easy to use. Locks down solid and the pan function is great. Overall seems like a high quality product for a great price.

Great tripod

I have been using the Feisol tripod for a few weeks now and I'm very happy with it. Seems to be very well made and should last a long time. Very lightweight and yet very solid feeling

Atlas bipod

Item was in stock and reached me in 2 days. Owner took about an hour of his time to go over products. Great company.

Good sling

Works as advertised!

Atlas 5H

Rock solid. Lowers the center of gravity do the rifle doesn't feel do top heavy. Excellent construction and finish.

Great solution for long hand guard ARs

This is a great product for those with a long hand guard and not enough barrel length for the standard magneto speed mount. Boson tactical was great to deal with. Followed with a call to me to let me know my order was on the way! WhAt great service!

Hornady 6.5 Creedmoor 140gr ELD Match
Love this place

I am so glad a tactical, high quality gun store is finally in boulder. I had a great experience here and their prices were great.

Litz Vol II - None Better

The Modern Advancements In Long Range Shooting Vol II is a great accompaniment to the first volume. While the first volume deals with more esoteric items like BC, the second volume contains more practical items like loading techniques that effect MV and therefore, precision.

Handy little bag

Bag is a little thin. I have used it on barricades strapped to the hand-guard and around my scope. It works well to make up the difference on height of a folded bipod. Works well as a front support on barrels. Appears to be very well built and tough.

Superior Customer Service

Bison Tactical provides superior personal touch in support and delivers only the best product. The gang at Bison Tactical always exceed expectations! Excellent product and support!!

AICS Mag Kit - 6mm BR/ 6mmDasher
Dasher Insert

They worked real well once broke in....I had one round they got cocked inside and wouldn't feed but it was due to it being brand new and not being worked up and down a few times before i tried to run through the gun, totally on me!

Lapua Brass
Holy Grail of brass

Ordered Lapua brass for the 6.5 Creedmoor. Shipped to the house in less than 3 days. All prepped and ready to rock. Initial testing indicates I can run higher pressure than before but groups as good with the old load for Winchester brass. Will do more testing.

Great CS

Great vendor and item. Was exactly as described and has performed well. CS, shipping and communications was handled quickly and clearly!

Just the facts, Mam......

Joe Friday would have been proud to pen the preface to Bryan Litz's "Modern Advancements in Long Range Shooting". These books are full of facts based on research completed by Litz. No old wives tales, to stories handed down from shooter to shooter. Just facts. Bryan takes the voodoo out of concepts like Barrel Twist Rate and Ballistic Coefficient. He explains in clear terms how these concepts are derived and what they means to the long range shooter. Read this series of books starting with Vol. 1 if you want to become a better and less frustrated shooter.

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