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Left Hand Long Action Bighorn Arms TL3 Rifle Action

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Rail Slope
Bolt Head
Bighorn Arms TL3 actions are the next generation of rifle actions from Bighorn/Zermatt Arms. The TL3 is machined to exact tolerances on aerospace grade machinery, allowing shooters to purchase pre-chambered barrels without taking their rifle to the gunsmith. (link to PVA pre-fits from Bison here?)

The TL3’s floating bolt head design allows you to build a versatile, do it all rifle. Users can swap bolt heads in seconds, allowing one action serve several purposes, such as .223 trainer, match rifle, and magnum caliber hunting rifle. All on one action.

All TL3s feature an integral recoil lug, pinned scope rail, multiple tang and bolt knob configurations, and come in a Remington 700 footprint for use with standard inlet stocks and chassis systems. The TL3 will also accept Remington 700 aftermarket triggers.

Bighorn TL3s come in short action, long action, .223 bolt face, standard bolt face (.308), and magnum bolt face. They may also be ordered in either right or left hand configurations.

Additional Features Include:
Controlled Round Feed
Mechanical Ejection
AW Magazine Cut to run AICS or AW Magazines (Short Action Only)
Pinned 20 MOA Picatinney Rail 
Trim/Medium/Thick Tang
0MOA/20MOA/30MOA Scope Rails
DLC or Bead Blasted Finish
Widened Ejection Port
Bayonet Style Bolt Shroud for easy take down

Contact Bison Tactical about ordering your custom Bighorn TL3 action, or choose from popular in stock configurations.
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