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.260 Rem 100gr Barnes TTSX

.260 Remington 100gr TTSX

  • manufactured by SOUTHWEST AMMUNITION, LLC
  • Match Grade Hunting Ammunition
  • Highest Quality Lapua .260 precision brass case
  • Barnes Tipped TSX precision hunting bullet
  • Almost 100% retained weight of all copper bullet after impact
  • Eligible for Southwest Ammunition reloading program
  • One box of 20 rounds

Below is a chart of measured data on this cartridge fired from a 26" Short Action Customs .260 barrel using a Thunderbeast Arms Suppressor.  Group size in the attached picture is for illustration purposes only, as the group size is mostly indicative of shooter position rather than ammunition capability.  These group sizes are affected by shooter fatigue, environmental factors (temperature, wind, sun) and other factors.

Avg Velocity 3016 fps Date 11/25/2014
Std Deviation 14 Temperature 50 F
Extreme Spread 51 Humidity 20%
Shot Group size 10 Altitude 5566
man Est. Velocity n/a Pressure 843hPa


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