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Python Dope Card Holder

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Bison Tactical carries the updated Python Dope Card Holder with the extra thick wire which is longer lasting and more durable !

All Python dope card holders we carry have the longer ranger card holder that fully encloses the dope card, and is totally clear so double sided range cards can be used.

The Sidewinder Industries Python dope card holder scores high on the list of "Competition Proven Gear", and is used by thousands of competitors in Precision Rifle Series, National Rifle League and other field matches like the ones put on by Competition-Dynamics.  It is a great value, and follows the K.I.S.S. principals of keeping things simple.

I personally use this rifle mounted data holder for holding my PRS range cards.  The flexible solution doesn't poke you like some other range card holders that are made from aluminum or rigid hard plastic.  Just fold it out of the way when you want to move between stages.

The Python is a bit different from the original Sidewinder Industries Sidewinder Dope card holder in that is uses a long polymer coated wire to wrap around your scope, scope rights or scope base and is easily movable to another rifle without any modification to the rifle platform.  It doesn't leave any sticky residue behind and doesn't use any Velcro.

This product works very well with the Waterproof Range Cards for Sidewinder Industries Python or Sidewinder that Bison Tactical manufacturers.

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