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Schmidt & Bender 5-20x50 PMII Ultra Short

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The Schmidt and Bender 5-20x50 PMII Ultra Short is a shortened version of the original 3-20x50 PMII. With an overall length of 11.77 inches, it is the shortest full featured sniper scope in the world, and a true lightweight option.

The ultra-compact double turn (also available in single turn) turret can be used in conjunction with a red dot sight for engaging close targets, and features Schmidt & Bender’s locking More Tactical Clicks (MTC) design. This gives every 10th click, at each full Mil, a more audible and firmed click.

Thanks to the precise parallax adjustment, and large field of view, medium to long range targets can be easily identified and engaged with quick precision. The Tremor 3 reticle also allows for easy hold overs in all conditions. 

Additional Features/Specifications:

  • Weight: 29.27 grams
  • Length: 11.77 inches
  • Tube Diameter: 34 mm
  • Field of View: 7.8-2.0 m
  • Exit Pupil: 10-2.5 mm
  • Eye Relief: 90 mm
  • Twilight Factor: 13-38.9
  • Elevation and Windage Adjustment Value/Click: 0.1 Mil
  • Parallax: 25 m
  • Available Reticles: Tremor 3, H59, P4FL and P4F-MOA

This scope is available both with and without illumination.  For left-hand shooters running a lefthanded action, purchasing the non-illuminated models remove a possible point of interference.

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