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Scooblite 6"

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Traditional glow sticks that some divers use are both wasteful and, at times, unreliable. They have expiration dates, can break unknowingly before you get to use them, and fill up space in our landfills. The Scooblite is a glow stick that you can use forever. Better than the glow-in-the-dark on watch dials, the Scooblite charges from any light source and glows all night long. To use the Scooblite all you need to do is expose it to any light: flash light, LED, direct sunlight, ambient light, etc. Our specialty environmentally friendly glow crystals absorb the maximum amount of light, store it, and emit it when taken into the dark. Imagine your watch dials SUPERCHARGED!!!
For those of you using a light that requires batteries, bulbs, "O" rings, etc.; you understand the hassels of worrying about: broken bulbs, battery life, water tight, etc. So quit worrying about that stuff & start thinking what you'll do with the money you save on replacement parts, batteries, and bulbs.

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