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Sidewinder Dope Card Holder

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Bison Tactical sells the new generation Sidewinder dope card holder. 

This new generation Sidewinder from Marcus Blanchard's company Sidewinder Industries is longer and entirely clear.  The additional length protects your range card and rifle dope from the elements better than the previous versions.  This new model allows both sides of your dope card to be visible, enabling you to use the Sidewinder as a double sided range card holder!

The Sidewinder dope card holder attaches to the rifle using a Velcro patch so it can be moved between rifles leaving only a small patch of Velcro attached to each rifle.

The Sidewinder is the original PRS data card holder developed by Marcus to give shooters an edge when using PRS range cards in a rifle mounted data holder.

Be sure to check out the Bison Tactical manufactured Waterproof range cards for Sidewinder Industries Python or Sidewinder.

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