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Waterproof Range Cards for Sidewinder Industries Python or Sidewinder

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Waterproof Range Cards

Bison Tactical manufacturers double sided waterproof Range Cards for Sidewinder Industries Python or Sidewinder PRS data card holder.  

These range card replacement packs each come with 10 cards and a small instruction page.  Each dope card is made from 100% synthetic waterproof ultra durable Storm-Proof paper.  These are a direct replacement for the standard non-waterproof paper range cards that come with your Sidewinder Dope Card Holder - or - your Python Dope Card Holder manufactured by Sidewinder Industries.

Bison Tactical sells these dope cards with a 10 row grid printed on both sides along with columns for Range, Elevation and Wind.
100% in line with the Bison Tactical mantra of "Competition Proven Gear", these cards have seen years of use by hundreds of Precision Rifle Series competitors, and are the best pre-printed PRS range cards available.

These waterproof rifle dope cards are available blank as well as with the grid, so you can draw a diagram similar to a sniper data card template if you prefer.

The cards are solvent resistant, waterproof and highly tear resistant.

These dope cards can be used with many rifle mounted data holders.


Same as a standard business card
Length: 3.5"
Width: 2"

Best Practices

  • Do not scrub when using rubbing alcohol or you may remove the matte finish on the card
  • try to stick to one method of writing/erasing (pencil + eraser, Sharpie + alcohol etc)

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