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Silencerco Omega 9K Suppressor

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The Omega 9K  is an exceptionally versatile suppressor. The Omega Ks are the smallest, lightest, and quietest silencers in their class. Full-auto fire rated and usable with pistols, rifles, and submachine guns, the Omega K series offers extreme reliability and durability in an extremely compact and discreet package, that is compatible with 9mm as well as subsonic and supersonic .300 BLK. With the fully welded, tubeless, minimalist Omega K, big sound suppression now comes in a tiny package. ?



9mm and .300 BLK

Muzzle Average

9mm: 131.5 dB
.300 BLK SUB: 133.7 dB
.300 BLK SUPER: 138.4 dB


8.8 OZ






Stellite & Stainless Steel

This suppressor comes with a direct thread mount for rifles/sub-guns, but does NOT come with the Silencerco piston needed to mount this suppressor to your pistol.  We do offer those pistons for sale as an accessory.


The price on this product does NOT include the NFA tax stamp ($200)?

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