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Spike's Tactical Standard AR-15 Lower Parts Kit

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Spike's Tactical is one of the industry standards for AR pattern rifle parts and accessories!  Whether you are building a whole new rifle from the ground up, or your old workhorse needs a spring and component replacement, if you are looking for standard mil-spec lower internals to put into your rifle, there is no better place to look than here! 

These are wholly created by Spike's Tactical, not just rebranded Stag or DPMS parts like many other companies do.


  • Better than Mil-Spec quality
  • Proudly100% made here in the USA



  • Rounded hammer (Works with ALL calibers) and hammer spring
  • Trigger and trigger spring
  • Disconnector and disconnector spring
  • Stainless hammer and trigger pin with Black Oxide finish
  • Safety selector, detent, and spring
  • Bolt catch, spring, roll pin, and plunger
  • Magazine catch, spring and button
  • Front pivot and rear takedown pin and their respective springs and detents
  • Aluminum trigger guard with spring loaded detent and roll pin
  • Buffer retainer spring and plunger
  • A2 Pistol grip, 1/4x28” hex screw, and star lock washer
  • Spike's Tactical Lifetime Warranty



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