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Steel Target and Belt Kit

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AA Targets, based out of Greeley, CO specializes in armored steel target systems for practical and long range shooting. They started their company with the goal of being a leading manufacturer of simple, reliable, and readily portable steel target systems.

Their introduction of the Steel Target with a belt kit has made it possible to have high quality targets at even affordable prices. This style of target is intended to be used with the Competition Target Stand. Simply slide the looped end of the rubber belt through the horizontal piece of rebar and enjoy hours of ringing steel.

All AA Targets we carry are CNC plasma cut out of premium 3/8" AR500 steel.  This is an extremely durable metal and it is the industry standard for targets. Generally the 3/8" AR500 plate will withstand, without damage, rifle fire from conventional copper/lead bullets with an impact velocity of 3000 fps or less. Impact velocity is what causes damage to armor steel. Generally if the muzzle velocity is lower than 3200 fps and and the targets are set at least 100 yards away, the AR500 plate will not be damaged.

Available Sizes and Shapes

  • 6" Diamond/Circle
  • 8" Diamond/Circle
  • 10" Diamond/Circle
  • 12" Diamond/Circle

All Targets come white in color but can easily be spray painted to remove bullet impacts or change color.

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