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Storm-Proof Synthetic paper

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Storm-Proof™ paper is the best fully synthetic laser printable paper on the market.  While retaining flexibility throughout the temperature range, it can be die cut, punched and printed.  Safe for both laser printers as well as digital presses it has been certified on many digital presses.  It is chemical and solvent resistant, and can be written on with pencil, ink pen, sharpie, dry erase makers and many other instruments.  Pencil writing is erasable, and sharpie and ink pen can be removed with rubbing alcohol - without affecting the printing.

  • 100% synthetic
  • Waterproof
  • Virtually tear-proof
  • certified for laser printers and many digital presses
  • passed US Army tests for use as field manuals in Iraq and Afganastan
  • Used by US Navy for submarine manuals

This paper is phenomenal when used for making your own data books, or for printing field manuals.

not for use in ink jet printers...


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