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Tab Gear Rear Bag Large

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The Large Tab Gear rear bag is a larger version of the extremely versatile Tab Gear Small rear shooting bag.  The Large bag provides an additional 2" of length over the small rear bag which can sometimes make the difference between making the shot and a miss.  As with the small Tab gear rear bag - you have 3 different sides to provide multiple elevation choices, flat, short side and long side.  The fill is light weight and uses asymmetrically shaped beads that don't absorb water and due to the bead shape maintain their position much better than smooth round objects like beans or round plastic beads.

The Tab Gear Large rear shooting bag has a 1" piece of mil-spec webbing that runs the length of the bag.  Each strap is designed to be used for the shooter to more easily grasp the bag, reducing the fatigue felt when squeezing the rear bag for extended periods.  One corner has a loop for attaching a carbineer to make accessing the bag fast and easy - just clip it to your pack or a belt loop.

When you need a little bit extra height - get the Tab Gear Rear bag - Large.

  • Built in the USA

  • 1000 denier Cordura Nylon

  • 9" L  X  5.5" H  X  2" W /h4>

  • weighs 32oz

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