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Tactical Udder Extended Strap

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Tactical Udder Extended Strap and Replacement Strap

(1) 27.5" hook & loop strap for the Tactical Udder (Extended)

... or

(1) 12.5" hook & loop replacement strap for the Tactical Udder (Standard)

When I first started producing the straps for the Saracen bag, I tried out two strap lengths.  Ultimately I ended up using (2) 12" straps of the same size.  The initial bags all went out with a short strap and a long strap.  The long strap is 27.5", and just seems too long for running over the top of the scope bell.

Since then, I have had multiple requests for the longer straps, so I am allowing my customers to buy the long straps if they can use them somehow.

Some customers have used them to strap the udders tight to the bag, others used them to strap two Tactical Udders together to form a very large and stable platform.  The straps are pretty generic so let your imagination run wild !

The Extended strap is not Coyote Tan, but a different tan color, while the standard straps are the same colors that now ship with the Tactical Udders V2.

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