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Thunder Beast Arms Corp .30 Cal Compact Muzzle Brake .30 CB

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Thunder Beast Arms Corp

Thunder Beast Arms Corp (TBAC) has been producing some of the best suppressors on the market today. With their recent release of the Ultra 5, Ultra 7, and Ultra 9 suppressors, they have provided the shooting community with an lightweight titanium can that also aides in exceptional accuracy. These cans can attach to your rifle in one of two ways. By direct threading the suppressor to the muzzle threads, or by using a muzzle device to lock it into place.

The 30CB Compact Brake

The 30CB Compact Brake (CB) Muzzle Brake is a unique Thread-Over Muzzle Brake also referred to as a TOMB style brake.  It features a conical design towards the rear of the brake to increase the seal between the muzzle brake and the suppressor. An added benefit of using the 30CB CB Muzzle Brake is that there are far less threads that make it easier to install or remove the suppressor.  The beauty of this muzzle brake is that it is extremely effective when not used with a suppressor. You will notice a dramatic decrease in felt recoil, which will allow you to stay on target easier.


  • We stock 5/8x24, 9/16x24, 3/4x24, M18x1.0 and M18x1.5
  • For .30 Caliber or smaller cartridges
  • Fits 6.5 Ultra Series and .30 Cal Ultra Series Suppressors
  • Includes a peel washer with layers that are 0.002" thick
  • 2-port thread-over muzzle brake

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