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US Optics Scope Rings- Low

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US Optics is known for making durable and reliable optics with the highest quality components.  This is also seen in their accessories and most importantly their scope rings.  We carry the most commonly used heights of scope rings being low, medium, and high in both the 30mm and 34mm diameter.

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The 30mm diameter is perfect for optics such as the US Optics SR-8CH50 Horus H50 Reticle, US Optics MR-10MIL Horus H425, and US Optics LR-17MIL Gen II XR. Where the 34mm diameter is made for scopes like the US Optics ER-25 Horus H59 and Athlon Cronus 4.5-29x56 FFP Scope (MIL).


Both diameters of rings are made from a sold billet of 6061-T6 aluminum and coated with type III hard  black anodizing. This makes the US Optics rings both light and extremely durable. also, A unique feature to the US Optics scope rings is that they are windage adjustable. This allows the user to mount their scope in such a way to give maximum amount of mechanical travel for windage adjustments. 


Ring Height
30mm- Low: 0.990"
34mm- Low: 1.065"

30mm= Side Clamp: 40 in-lbs, Top Clamp: 15 in-lbs
34mm= Side Clamp: 40 in-lbs, Top Clamp: 20 in-lbs

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