Garmin Foretrex 701 Ballistic Edition Review

The Garmin Foretrex 701 is wrist or weapon mounted device is an all-in-one, state of the art ballistic calculator and a GPS/navigation unit. It contains the entire Applied Ballistics bullet and Custom Drag Model library, more than 100 slots for gun profiles, and added memory and storage to quickly calculate firing solutions in excess of 10,000 yards.

Team Bison Tactical at High Country Precision’s Mile High Shootout

The whole Team Bison Tactical got to shoot the Mile-High Shootout put on by High Country Precision in July 2017.  Read about some of the more interesting challenges we ran into, and join us in laughing at ourselves as we try to make things work for the first time (never suggested at a match)….

Pikes Peak Precision Rifle Match AAR

Here is the very first AAR (After Action Report) written by Lou Smith for Bison Tactical.  Lou and I want to provide a lot of desperately needed data about shooters performance at matches.  Simply knowing your score isn’t very helpful in determining what to work on during practice, so we are providing data about how all the shooters perform in matches along with ranking the matches and stages themselves.  The goal is to provide concrete information to help you become a better shooter.