Bison Tactical now offers a Green, Free local service to help dispose of unwanted firearms, accessories and ammunition.

Giving away a firearm may not seem like a difficult task, but you can run into violations of the law due to Colorado’s Universal background checks, and excessive fees that come with these firearm transfers. While transfers between 1 level of blood relative like Father to Son are allowed by Colorado’s law, other transfers like to a neighbor or good friend are not allowed without a background check. A typical transfer fee for this might range between $60-$100 per item depending on the item.

While other options exist for disposing of your firearms, most of those options are not environmentally friendly. We like to remember the 3 R’s – Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. We will take your unwanted firearms and dispose of it in an environmentally friendly manner working hard to reduce post consumer waste that is causing such a problem for our landfills. We reuse where we can, and recycle what is not reusable.

Because of this difficulty, we are now offering a free firearm disposal service to legally dispose of unwanted firearms. Here are some examples of situations where we have helped get rid of firearms they no longer need or want.

Mrs. Smith owns a rental apartment. After her tenet moved out they left behind a mess of items that had to be removed, and for which her prior tenant abandoned. When cleaning out the apartment she came across a pistol. She reached out to Bison Tactical and was able to legally dispose of the pistol with us for free.

Mr. Johnson’s father passed away, leaving his son his possessions. Mr. Johnson is not a firearm person, and did not want to keep any of his father’s firearms. None of Mr. Johnsons siblings live in the area and he didn’t want the burden of trying to sell or ship the firearms to his siblings. Mr. Johnson was happy to hear about our free firearm disposal service and brought his deceased fathers firearms to us for safe disposal.

If you are unsure about safely handling firearms, here are some suggestions:

  • Always make sure the firearm is unloaded, if unsure how to determine if the firearm is loaded or unloaded, please call or email us [303-443-0718 | [email protected]]
  • Never point a firearm at anything you are not willing to destroy
  • Always keep the safety engaged on the firearm until you are ready to fire the firearm
  • keep ammunition separated from the firearm until your ready to use the firearm

Additionally, if you still have concerns about safety, we can arrange to pick up the firearms in person, and make sure they are disposed of safely.

We will also take unwanted ammunition depending on the condition. The ammunition must be safe to transport and not corroded. Corrosion on brass is green, while on steel cases is normal rust. We do not accept blanks, fireworks, flares or other non-ammunition products.

Boulder County will not accept ammunition as a hazardous waste material. Here at Bison Tactical we will safely separate the components into individual non-hazardous items that can be safely disposed of.