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Long Range Precision Shooting Products & Equipment 

Durable, Reliable and Precise


Bison Tactical is your source for precision long-range shooting products. Whether you need safety equipment gear, or need to reload, we have the products and expertise you need to keep your precision firearms in good working order. 

We carry only the best products and equiopment for the tactical shooter looking to hit small targets at medium and long range. For your convenience we offer our products at great prices. Our gear is tested to be reliable, durable, precise and—most importantly—gives our customers the best possible value.

Our unique return policy includes a 30-day money back guarantee with no restocking fee, as well as a 1-year defective return policy. With free shipping on orders of $500 or more, Bison Tactical is a great place to gear up and get ready to fire.

We are also proud to support citizens of the United States of America and those citizen's right to keep and bear arms.  Some of the organizations we support and encourage you to support are Project Appleseed, Second Amendment Foundation, Gun Owners of America, Cato Institute and the National Rifle Association.

Visit our blog for the latest about our gear, and contact us today if you have any questions about our shooting products.


Featured Products
  • Atlas 4" Flush Cup 1913 Rail

    BT17 4" rail with Flush cup - this can be used to attach the Atlas bipod to a Remington M700 stock which has no rail.

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  • Atlas Rubber Feet

    BT32 Rubber feet by Accu-Shot (1 pair)

    The standard rubber foot made by accu-shot for the atlas bipod, better grip for more urban materials, like concrete or metal. Sturdy and stable, these clip in to the bottom of you atlas with a stainless steel plunger. Buy B&T’s rubber foot today!     

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  • Atlas Bipod Rail Attached

    This is the lightest, lowest profile Atlas bipod made by B&T.

    Available in 4 colors: BLACK, Flat Dark Earth, OD Green and Brown Sand.

    The colored coating (not Black) is DuPont Teflon-S applied by Rocky Mountain Arms in Longmont Colorado and improves the function of the bipod in addition to improving the looks !

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  • PSR Atlas Bipod

    Now In Stock !

    We now have PSR's in stock and ready to ship !  Order your Accu-Shot PSR bipod in Flat Dark Earth, Olive Drab Green, Sand, RAL8000, Urban Grey and LWRC Patriot Brown.

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  • Atlas Spike Feet

    BT37 Atlas Spike Feet (1 pair)

    These spikes easily attach to the bottom of your bipod with a click of a stainless steel plunger. The spike is good for sticking into soft materials, such as sand, dirt and gravel. It also can be used for ice and rocky terrain. Made from Stainless Steel, 1.45" long with a quick change plunger.

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  • Atlas Bipod Quick Release

    This bipod is the Atlas BT10-LW17 which is a Quick Detatch bipod using the ADM 170-S lever, making swapping the bipod between rifles fast, easy and secure.

    Available in 5 colors: BLACK, Flat Dark Earth, OD Green, Brown Sand and RAL8000 (Schmidt and Bender brown).

    The colored coating (not Black) is DuPont Teflon-S applied by Rocky Mountain Arms in Longmont Colorado and improves the function of the bipod in addition to improving the looks !

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  • Atlas Bipod Leg Extensions

    When 9" just isn't enough - add Atlas BT22 3" leg extension for a full 12" !

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  • Atlas Cleat Feet

    BT24 Cleat Feet by Accu-Shot (1 pair)

    Using a stainless steel plunger, the cleat foot easily replaces the stock rubber foot at the bottom of your bipod. Accu-shot has made this foot using durable downward facing metal spikes, for sure grip on more earthy materials, such as dirt, ice, and gravel. Buy B&T’s cleat today!

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  • Kestrel Tactical MOLLE-Compatible Case

    Don't just throw your kestrel in your bag, keep it in a pouch readily availble!

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  • MagnetoSpeed V3

    The Best just gets better!  MagnetoSpeed V3 ballistic chronograph's are easy to use, accurate and reliable.  Order one today and say good bye to hassels with setup and weather conditions.

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