20% of National Forests Closed To Shooting

20% of local National Forests closed to shooting in the proposal floated by the USDA for Arapaho and Roosevelt National Forests.National Forests closed to shooting includes 20% of Arapaho and Roosevelt National forests all near population areas. This is the current proposal by the USDA. Please submit your comments in opposition of this attempt to marginalize […]

Upgrade Your MagnetoSpeed V3 Firmware Today

New MagnetoSpeed V3 firmware version 2.1.03 Don’t have your MagnetoSpeed V3 Ballistic Chronograph yet?Buy it at BisonTactical.com and get a great deal from someone who uses it and knows how to make it work! The MagnetoSpeed V3 firmware update released fairly recently (see video below). If you haven’t updated your MagnetoSpeed V3 firmware to 2.1.03 you should do […]

How To Setup Your Leica HD-B Ballistic Calculator

Using the Leica HD-B Ballistic calculator “ABC” (Advanced Ballistic Compensation) If you don’t currently own a Leica HD-B – BisonTactical currently has them ON SALE click on this line to view the details of the promotion! This post explores how to setup and configure the new Leica Geovid HD-B ballistics software to generate click values […]

RCBS Chargemaster 1500 Modifications

Here are my modifications for the RCBS Chargemaster 1500 combo powder dispenser and scale. There are a lot of videos and posts about modifications to the RCBS chargemasters. They mostly revolve around making the RCBS Chargemaster 1500 combo units faster (programming mods) and drop powder more consistently (straw mod). Greg over at Primal Rights also has […]

Feisol Carbon Fiber Tournament Tripod CT-3342 compared with the Manfrotto 055 Carbon

Feisol CT-3342 vs. Manfrotto MT055CXPRO3 Whether you compete or hunt, the Feisol Carbon Fiber Tournament Tripod CT 3342 can give you an ultralight rock solid shooting rest when nothing else is available. Shooting tripods can make the difference between making the shot and missing. When you can’t shoot prone, the Feisol Carbon Fiber Tournament Tripod […]

How to prepare for the 2016 Sniper Adventure Challenge

The Sniper Adventure Challenge is a 2 person team Adventure Race with Guns! Scott DeCapio and I finished 3rd place in this years Sniper Adventure Challenge. 3rd Place Trophy 2016 Darrin Fink Memorial Sniper Adventure Challenge 2016 Sniper Adventure Challenge Event Here is what the match is about directly from Competition Dynamics: You and your partner […]

Extreme Outer Limits “Extreme Pod” Rifle Bipod Review

Bison Tactical recently received the Extreme Outer Limits “Extreme Pod” rifle bipod for testing and evaluation.  We wanted to see if it could be a possible alternative to the popular Atlas and Harris bipods that dominate the competitive rifle scene today.  This particular bipod is loaded with features and we have found that some are useful and others […]