20% of National Forests Closed To Shooting

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20% of local National Forests closed to shooting in the proposal floated by the USDA for Arapaho and Roosevelt National Forests.
National Forests closed to shooting includes 20% of Arapaho and Roosevelt National forests all near population areas. This is the current proposal by the USDA. Please submit your comments in opposition of this attempt to marginalize shooting sports in Colorado!

The comment period has been extended until September 9, 2015.

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You can email comments to this email address:
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An excerpt from the Q/A document:

areas that were not suitable for RSS (Recreational Sport Shooting) were generally within a ½ mile of residential subdivisions and concentrated recreation use areas. Approximately 287,000 acres (or 20% of the Arapaho and Roosevelt National Forests) are proposed as not suitable for RSS.

Here is a picture of the proposed closures:

Closed large
Red and yellow areas are to be closed for shooting


Notice above that all the areas planned for closure are the areas most convenient to the population centers.

Here is another quote from the Q/A document:

The ARP is committed to updating the 1997 Forest Plan to provide direction for Recreational Sport Shooting and has started exploring ways to address this issue. The Forest is taking this action to resolve a safety issue and provide safe opportunities for this use.

I would like access to the studies that show that there is a safety problem associated with the current Forest Service Plan that has not been addressed by the rules already in place. That some entity has already decided that there is a problem and has moved forward with creating a project – seems to be politically motivated at best. I have searched the internet for injuries sustained by hikers in the affected forests and I cannot find any indication of any events that would indicate there is a significant problem. I have requested any data from the USDA – but they claim they don’t have very much concrete data to indicate there is a problem.


My suggestions to remedy the problem:

1. Close the proposed areas to Hiking instead of RSS

2. Without closing any areas to RSS – create free, well maintained public ranges that provide a more desirable location for RSS than currently exist. The number of RSS users need to be understood so that adequate facilities can be built to service the large and growing number of RSS users. This single step will in and of itself reduce the impact on other areas since people naturally choose the easy route. Providing well maintained facilities open year around which are convenient to the centers of population will make the choice for Recreational Shooters very easy.

3. Provide education to ALL users of the shared resources (the National Forests) about the equality of the shared uses – and provide suggestions on ways to minimize the impact of the various users on others.


Proposal Overview:


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