Upgrade Your MagnetoSpeed V3 Firmware Today

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New MagnetoSpeed V3 firmware version 2.1.03

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The MagnetoSpeed V3 firmware update released fairly recently (see video below). If you haven’t updated your MagnetoSpeed V3 firmware to 2.1.03 you should do so now, since it addresses some issues in the prior firmware release.


One issue it is known to address is an inconsistency in generating a velocity reading. If you are experiencing problem sometimes getting a velocity reading – check the height of the bayonet deck and verify what firmware version you have installed on the startup screen. You may also be generating various error codes when using the old firmware. Please be sure to note these error codes when you call me, or MagnetoSpeed directly as they will help pinpoint where the issue may lie.


CRC32 Hash value: 894893DE

MD5 Hash value: 3B3AEF17566AF712B425E9D9B1F3E270

You need to place this file on your V3 SD card, insert it into the display unit on the MagnetoSpeed V3. Then start the unit while holding down the center button on the display. This will allow you to update the firmware on your MagnetoSpeed V3.

Below is the MagnetoSpeed video that explains the process of updating the firmware on an older version: