Meet the Brand New Leica Geovid HD-R

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Not familiar with the Leica Geovid HD-R, but heard about the new Leica Geovid HD-B Ranging binoculars?

  • SKU #40049 Geovid HD-B w/User Ballistic Interface (in 10×42)
  • SKU #40047 Geovid HD-B w/User Ballistic Interface (in 8×42)
Leica Geovid HD B large
This is the new open hinge design of the HD-B and HD-R


A lot of people seem to be confused about the new Leica Geovid HD-R introduced in February of 2015.

The Leica Geovid HD-R has been around for a long time, but Leica recently updated it with the same ground breaking design changes that were added to the Leica Geovid HD-B.

The new Leica Geovid HD-R is known as the Leica Geovid HD-R 42mm (Type 402 & Type 403). The model numbers are below:

The new Leica Geovid HD-R shares many of the same features with the new Leica Geovid HD-B – mostly the difference is just the lack of a ballistics calculator.

Straight from the Leica literature is the story of the new Leica Geovid HD-R:

Leica Geovid HD-R introduction
New HD-R introduction from LEICA

Some of the features these Leicas share are:

Vastly improved optical performance utilizing our exciting new Perger Porro prism system. The new Geovid transmits more light and offers an amazingly, wide field of view (10x = 374’ @ 1,000 yards). This means these are more effective than ever for scanning the horizon for hidden game. The range-finding abilities are improved as well, and the new Geovid can effectively range out to 2,000 yards – the longest ranging capabilities in class.

If you have the old straight body HD-R design, its time to take advantage of updates in technology and get either the new HD-B’s or the newest to the family the updated HD-R from Leica.

And Finally, here are the specs on the new Leica Geovid HD-R

HD R specifications large
Leica Geovid HD-R specifications